A place, a factory, a brand recognized all over the world. And what's left of it.

Ghosts in Ferrania

Two forgotten boxes Vietnam-1965-ph.-Cecilia-Mangini-WEB
A chamber piece that tells of a war, of the memory that fades, of a challenge against the passing of time.

Two Forgotten Boxes

Storie del dormiveglia
Rostom is a night-time refuge centre for homeless people, on the outskirts of an Italian city. A lost galaxy, at a safe distance from the past and the future, living in a present of perpetual waiting

Stories of the Half-Light

In viaggio con mio zio
Looking for the identity of a man who lived in the unknown world of International Concessions in the Far East, in the '20s and '30s

The Man with the Lantern

A fairy tale in reverse that has as protagonists a tamer in a cage and a dancer on a horse


Lunàdigas explores the world of women who have chosen not to have children


A small apologue about huge social transformations, and the deep need for a spirituality which constantly reappears each time that prosperity and economic security seem to be at stake

The Magic Legacy

Una nobile rivoluzione
A noble revolution is a documentary on the life of Marcella Di Folco, leader of the Italian LGBT movement

A Noble Revolution

A weird history of the Italian seaside holidays. The directing debut of the famous Italian writer and Fellini's last screenplayer

Holidays by the Sea

A sophisticated first work that owns its charm to its original use of 8mm and Super-8 archive footage


Formato Ridotto
Italian fiction writers encounter the Home Movies archive: Enrico Brizzi, Ermanno Cavazzoni, Emidio Clementi, Ugo Cornia and Wu Ming 2

Formato Ridotto