Le proprietà dei metalli
Italy 1970s, in a small village in the mountains. Pietro, a child raised by his widower father, a surly man with money problems, begins to manifest mysterious gifts: he can bend metal simply by touching it. An American scientist starts studying him. The experiments will lead the child towards an invisible world where the unquestionable laws of physics collide with the deepest human desires.

The Properties of Metals

A former U.S. Army officer is hiding in the woods of the Alps. He is on the run from someone or perhaps on a mission. From his memories and visions emerges the history of atomic risk over the past 70 years and the reason for his life on the fringes of humanity.

Pluto (Or: How I Learned NOT to Stop Worrying ...

A place, a factory, a brand recognized all over the world. And what's left of it.

Ghosts in Ferrania

Stili ribelli
A fashion and music news series about youth subculture

Rebel Styles

A fiction film about the power of memory, assembled through genuine archive materials, both public and private, premiered at the 76th Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia

Il Varco – Once more unto the Breach

Storie del dormiveglia
Rostom is a night-time refuge centre for homeless people, on the outskirts of an Italian city. A lost galaxy, at a safe distance from the past and the future, living in a present of perpetual waiting

Stories of the Half-Light

In viaggio con mio zio
Looking for the identity of a man who lived in the unknown world of International Concessions in the Far East, in the '20s and '30s

The Man with the Lantern

A fairy tale in reverse that has as protagonists a tamer in a cage and a dancer on a horse


A small apologue about huge social transformations, and the deep need for a spirituality which constantly reappears each time that prosperity and economic security seem to be at stake

The Magic Legacy

Una nobile rivoluzione
A noble revolution is a documentary on the life of Marcella Di Folco, leader of the Italian LGBT movement

A Noble Revolution

The end of an era and the end of a dream through the eyes of Sauro Ravaglia, an amateur film-maker, barber and communist

The Train to Moscow

A weird history of the Italian seaside holidays. The directing debut of the famous Italian writer and Fellini's last screenplayer

Holidays by the Sea

A sophisticated first work that owns its charm to its original use of 8mm and Super-8 archive footage


Formato Ridotto
Italian fiction writers encounter the Home Movies archive: Enrico Brizzi, Ermanno Cavazzoni, Emidio Clementi, Ugo Cornia and Wu Ming 2

Formato Ridotto

il nemico interno
Six short stories from Italian Islam. The film shows intolerance and dialogue, “ethnic ghettos” and second generations struggles for recognition for their rights in Bologna

The Enemy Within

Mireille draws for Olivia a naked child and a dog. Anna makes herself up. Priscillie et Virginie get undressed..

J’attends une femme

Come un canto
A documentary about the forgotten film director Antonio Marchi

Come un canto

An original portrait of the writer Antonio Delfini using animation and archives