About us

Kiné is focused on developing and making arthouse documentaries and productions for cinema, TV and new digital platforms. Since 2009 Kiné has developed and presented its projects in some of the most important markets and European training programs.

Among the last productions Anita (2012), by Luca Magi, was in competition at Torino Film Festival and DocLisboa. In 2013 The Train to Moscow (Il treno va a Mosca), by Federico Ferrone and Michele Manzolini, was in competition at Torino Film Festival and Karlovy Vary Film Festival and was distributed by Istituto Luce Cinecittà. In the same year Holidays by the Sea (Vacanze al mare) by Ermanno Cavazzoni, was in competition at Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma. In 2014 A Noble Revolution (Una nobile rivoluzione), by Simone Cangelosi, was in competition at Torino Film Festival and was distributed by Cineteca di Bologna. In 2015 The Magic Legacy (L’ombelico magico), by Laura Cini, was in competition at Festival dei Popoli in Florence. In 2016 The Magic Legacy won the “BIM 60” Special Mention at the 34th Bellaria Film Festival. In the same year Circle, by Valentina Monti, produced in collaboration with Rai Cinema, was presented at Filmmaker Festival in Milan. In 2017 The Prince of Ostia Bronx (Il Principe di Ostia Bronx) by Raffaele Passerini was in competition at the Biografilm Festival in Bologna and won three prizes: LifeTales Award Italia (jury prize to the “most overwhelming biographical story”); Audience Award Italia; Follower Award (assigned by the Festival’s followers to the most beloved film of the entire Biografilm 2017). In 2018 The Man with the Lantern (L’uomo con la lanterna), by Francesca Lixi, won the “Corso Salani” Prize at 29th Trieste Film Festival. In the same year Stories of the Half-Light (Storie del dormiveglia), by Luca Magi, won the Mention Spécial Interreligieux at the 49° Visions du Réel International Film Festival and the Best Italian Film Award at the Biografilm Festival.In the same year, The Prince of Ostia Bronx and The man with the lantern are distributed in Italian cinemas by Kiné. In 2019 Stories of the Half-Light is distributed on the national territory by Kiné and the first two episodes of the TV documentary series Rebel Styles by Lara Rongoni are previewed at the 15th edition of Biografilm Festival, while Il Varco by Federico Ferrone and Michele Manzoni was selected for the 76th Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia. In the same year, Caterina by Francesco Corsi is premiered at the 60th Festival dei Popoli, winning the audience award “MyMovies.it” and the distribution award “Gli Imperdibili”. In 2020 Il Varco wins the best editing prize at the European Film Awards.


Claudio Giapponesi, cameraman, director, film editor and producer, graduated in Communication Sciences from the University of Bologna with a thesis on film restoration. In 2008, together with other associates, he founded Kiné. In 2009 he became director of the Bologna base of the company, aiming to promote the development of documentary projects. He worked as cameraman and film editor of the films Il Nemico Interno (The Enemy Within) and Anita, director and film editor of Come un canto, and producer of all Kiné’s other films. He is a regular collaborator with Home Movies (The Italian Archive of Family Films), for whom he has curated various selections, exhibitions and installations over the years.

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Francesco Corsi, author and director, graduated in History of Journalism, he had studied and worked in the universities of Siena, Pisa, Barcelona and Madrid. He is co-founder of Kiné, where he mainly deals with writing for documentaries and integrated communication projects. His first feature film, Memorias, is a journey between Spain and Italy through the territories still marked by the wounds of the civil war, in search of the voices of witnesses and traces of memory. His second feature film, Caterina (2019), was premiered at the 60th Festival dei Popoli, winning the audience award “MyMovies.it” and the distribution award “Gli Imperdibili”. He is the author of the book L’utopia della base, published in Italy by PuntoRosso (Milan, 2011).

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Mauro Lepri, producer and administrator at Kiné—doc, he specialises in communications strategy and also works on digitalization processes connected with the Arkivo project for Kiné. Having graduated in Communication Sciences from Bologna University with a thesis on digital fact checking, he then worked as editor with Nuovi Mondi Media, in freelance graphic design, copywriting and web consultancy, but also in developing business intelligence tools for the credit sector. He has collaborated for many years, at various levels, with numerous cultural associations, especially on the conception, promotion and management of cultural events. His first film as a producer is The Man with the Lantern (L’uomo con la lanterna), winner of the “Corso Salani” Award at the 29th Trieste Film Festival.

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Andrea Di Fede, after graduating in ‘Disciplines of Visual Arts, Music and Theatre’ from the University of Bologna, began his activities as a videomaker, shooting and editing various short films and music videoclips for young singers. In 2013 he began collaborating with the production companies Kiné (Bologna) and Vezfilm (UK), and also with the national association Home Movies (The Italian Archive of Family Films), operating as restorer of small format film material, cameraman and film editor. He has signed the editing of L’ombelico Magico (2016, Extraordinary Mention at the 34th Bellaria Film Festival), Scuola in mezzo al mare (2018, preview at the 25th Visioni Italiane) and Kemp (2019,  international competition at the 15th Biografilm Festival).

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Luca Magi, director, graduated in Multimedia Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino. He collaborated with important Italian companies and publishing outfits as a designer, animator and illustrator. His artistic career has developed, in particular, in the field of video art. His works have been selected for many Italian national festivals and artistic events, like Torino Film Festival, Flash Art Museum and the group show After Urban (New York). Anita, is his first documentary film was selected at the 30th Torino film Festival in 2012 an was in the main competition at DocLisboa 2013. Stories of the Half-light (Storie del dormiveglia, 2018), his last work as a director, Special Mention at the 49th Visions du Réel International Films Festival and Best Italian Film at the 14th Biografilm Festival, comes from his experience as an operator in a night-time refuge centre for homeless people.

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