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Maria is released from prison after 10 years. Behind her are bad choices, a broken family, and many regrets. Facing no prospects, no future, but one granitic purpose: to save her son Sebastian from the heroin that is eating him alive.

The Cure

Charlotte is schizophrenic. Although she is afraid of what she doesn't know, she decides to leave for the first trip of her life.

Charlotte – one of us

Last Tango
"Last Tango in Paris" is a controversial film that questions us about the relationship between art and morality, the power relations between actors and director, and the cynicism of the media system.

Body Of Crime

Foto di Gianluca Cecere
Water is our most precious resource. But it is also the main prey of the great economic interests that every day, everywhere, grab it from communities and entire nations, generating pollution, poverty and new wars.