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A small mountain village in 1970’s Italy. Pietro, a child raised by his widower father, a surly man with money problems, begins to manifest mysterious gifts: he can bend metal simply by touching it. A parapsychologist starts studying him. The experiments will lead the child into contact with the invisible world, where the laws of physics give way to the deepest desires.

The Properties of Metals

A dive into the contemporary obsession with the personal image on social networks.


Stili ribelli
A fashion and music news series about youth subculture

Rebel Styles

Un luogo, una fabbrica, un marchio riconosciuto in tutto il mondo. E quel che ne resta.

Ghosts in Ferrania

caterina bueno
A journey to the roots of Italian folk music through the images and the words of its greatest interpreter, Caterina Bueno


Operation Pluto is part of a cross-media narrative universe facing the Nuclear topic from the rise of the Atomic Era up to a close distopic future, telling the real stories around the Bomb through the lens of fictional elements

Operation Pluto